V.A.P.E. (Voter Action = Political Empowerment)


We have a responsible vape bill! Lets show #plblove to our supporters at the Washington State Capitol. 

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 1 (800) 562-6000

Starting MLK Day, Monday January 18th at 8am call the Legislative Hotline and encourage your district representatives to cosponsor and/or vote to pass SB-6328 in the Senate and HB-2588 in the House into law. Also share a short version of your personal vape success story.

Make sure to know and declare your legislative district # and your representatives.  Be respectful and let them know that you are a registered voter or that you are planning to register/vote and that these bills have inspired you to participate in State and Local Politics.  

What an incredible opportunity to be able to call our reps and positively support a thoughtful legislation that promotes: youth prevention, best business practices and a safer alternative to smoking. This is what we've been waiting for, let's get these bills passed!


Not sure what your district is?  Click below!

Not registered to vote?  Click below, it only takes 5 minutes!


Marc Jarrett
Marc Jarrett


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January 19, 2016

I called for my reps support on SB-6328 and HB-2588 and it took less than five minutes.

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