Washington State Legislature Reviews New Vape Law!

Pink Lung Brigade Officers Present To Commerce & Gaming Committee

The 2017 Legislative session got started a little early this Wednesday June 28th.  The WA State Commerce & Gaming Committee invited government officials and industry stakeholders to speak about the upcoming vapor products law.  The committee was addressed by representatives from American Cancer Society, the Dept. of Health, the LCB, Governor’s office, and Pink Lung Brigade.

The focus steered towards youth usage and prevention, while addressing some measures for signage, licensure, and enforcement.  PLB’s President Kim Thompson expressed concerns regarding County interference with vape retail shops, while Vice President Marc Jarrett targeted the FDA’s recent deeming rules and how they’ll affect manufacturing.  Special guest and vaping advocate Jeff Stier end capped PLB’s presentation with common sense analogies from an experienced and global perspective.  All presenters acknowledged the FDA’s deeming rules with regard to their organization’s position on vapor products.  A special ask to legislators was made by PLB to support the Cole-Bishop amendment, H.R. 2058 by contacting our state congressional lawmakers.

The most notable items for Washington State vape industry owners are that applications for vape licensing will be available August 1st 2016, while LCB enforcement of licensing provisions will begin in October of 2016.  Overall, there was positive reception for all presenters, and a tone of cooperation and compromise was a dominant theme.  

PLB will continue its work in the interim to obtain clarity on state licensure and enforcement, as well as, monitoring our counties and their attempts to circumvent preemption.  Additionally, we will continue assisting our national advocates by lobbying support for Cole-Bishop and H.R. 2058 with Washington State’s Congressional leaders.  

 PLB's presentation begins at 43:00


Marc Jarrett
Marc Jarrett


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Linda Smith
Linda Smith

June 30, 2016

We are all so proud of your hard work in getting these elected officials on the right page of this important work. I know it was hundreds of hours of your dedication and energy that has brought the vape issue to the forefront of our state legislators.

THANK YOU for your efforts ~ and for keeping us apprised of future challenges. And on a personal note… thank you for helping me completely quit a filthy and unhealthy 40-year habit through your products!

Erik Hunter
Erik Hunter

June 29, 2016

You guys are doing great work on behalf of the vaping community in Washington state. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping it posted

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