January 17, 2016

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V.A.P.E. (Voter Action = Political Empowerment)


We have a responsible vape bill! Lets show #plblove to our supporters at the Washington State Capitol. 

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 1 (800) 562-6000

Starting MLK Day, Monday January 18th at 8am call the Legislative Hotline and encourage your district representatives to cosponsor and/or vote to pass SB-6328 in the Senate and HB-2588 in the House into law. Also share a short version of your personal vape success story.

Make sure to know and declare your legislative district # and your representatives.  Be respectful and let them know that you are a registered voter or that you are planning to register/vote and that these bills have inspired you to participate in State and Local Politics.  

What an incredible opportunity to be able to call our reps and positively support a thoughtful legislation that promotes: youth prevention, best business practices and a safer alternative to smoking. This is what we've been waiting for, let's get these bills passed!


Not sure what your district is?  Click below!

Not registered to vote?  Click below, it only takes 5 minutes!


January 14, 2016


Washington Vape Bill Gets Incredible Bipartisan Support!

Sen. Dammeier

Senator Bruce Dammeier along with other stakeholders, have been helping to formulate a Child-Safety First bill in order to pro-actively safeguard: youth prevention, best business practices, and adult access. The proposed bill, if passed, is intended to preempt county and city regulations. It will also create a new chapter for vape, removing it from under the legal umbrella of tobacco products.

This process has taken months to wrangle the needs and desires of all the parties. Through conversations with stakeholders a comprehensive bill that is forward thinking and free of taxation has been created. Now, to get it passed into law.

Because this session is a short one, and the legislators have so many larger issues to discuss, we were fearful that the proposal may get pushed behind charter schools and the like; leaving us to battle county by county. However, today we have won our first battle in the war to save our counties and state… WE HAVE A BILL!!! SB-6328 in the Senate and it’s companion in the House HB-2588 Now, to get it passed into law.……

The hard work of the community and lawmakers is paying off; the proposal received incredible bi-partisan support. Our champions are as follows. On the Senate side: Bruce Dammeier, Bob Hasegawa, Steve Conway, Steve O’Ban, Randi Becker, Jeannie Darneille. On the House side: Chris Reykdal, Steve Kirby, Brian Blake, Cary Condotta, Roger Goodman, Ed Orcutt and our very own Dick Muri. Not only does the bill have support in both the Senate and the House, the bill has support from both Democrats and Republicans.

To all of you who continued to fight, to educate, to call, to email, to activate… You should be standing taller today. You earned this win. We have a lot more work to do in the next 2 months. It is going to be a whirlwind of political mumbo jumbo. Be on the watch, and be prepared to fight soon, Calls To Action are imminent.

~Rep. Muri

January 12, 2016


Pierce County E-Cigarette Regulations

For those curious what led us to filing suit against Tacoma Pierce County Health Board, here are the rules they've updated so far.

Link: Pierce County E-Cigarette Regulations

January 11, 2016


A Washington Business Association Sues Pierce County, WA in Response to Unjust Regulations

January 11, 2016 6:00PM, Tacoma, WA

Pierce County’s over-regulation will greatly damage and in some cases completely destroy small businesses for no valid reason or public health interest.

Pink Lung Brigade (PLB) has filed suit against Tacoma Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD), seeking an injunction, for passing amendments to preexisting vapor product regulations.  PLB claims the amendments are not based on any verifiable scientific data and do nothing to protect public health or reduce youth access.  In fact, the regulatory amendments adopted by TPCHD serve to harm public health by restricting adult access to products that are widely used as a safer alternative to smoking.

The new rules, which were adopted on Nov. 18th 2015, went into effect on Jan. 1st 2016.  Enforcement waits for TPCHD to figure out how to manage the regulations they’ve passed and establish a licensure system.  Small businesses in the community will suffer immensely under the new amendments, which will lead to shop owners closing their doors and job losses across the county.  Pierce County will not only implement a new tax under the guise of licensure they will also now require retail vape shops to install unnecessary HVAC filtration systems in their establishments.  Some buildings are too old to meet the requirements while others, after permitting and construction, could see hefty price tags of up to 75k-80k.

The current amendment restricts minors from entering retail vape shops and is agreeable to vape shop owners however, according to Pierce County’s new rules, once an adult enters an establishment they seek to dictate how that customer will be serviced.  It mandates that retail vape shops remove all comfortable seating and force customers to stand while participating in a consultative process that can take up to an hour or more to facilitate.   Sampling and testing of vapor products has now been limited to three people at a time, making an impossible scenario for the in and out customer. 

Pierce County has also banned the use of nicotine in the sampling of e-liquid and they pledge to do testing stings at the cost of the retailer.  Nicotine testing from a certified lab can cost upwards of 3k for just 6 flavors while some vape shops can carry varieties of up to 300 flavors.  Pierce County has set no limits for the amount of samples it can request for testing.  This new rule can be abused to force a retail shop into bankruptcy.  Pierce County is over-regulating small business out of business.

“Regardless of any good intentions here, the problem is the Health Board has overstepped its authority and it is going to hurt small businesses and interfere with the public moving away from smoking. So my clients are looking to the courts to set things right and let the state legislature tackle this problem.” PLB’s Attorney Eric Krening of Osinski Law Offices.

Pink Lung Brigade was founded in 2014.  Supporters include its members of industry professionals, local commerce chambers, as well as, legislators and government officials with a focus on promoting better solutions and healthy economic growth.  PLB’s officers and its members have advocated for common sense regulations and youth prevention since before its inception as a business association.  PLB is legally represented by Thomas Osinski and Eric Krening of Osinski Law Offices P.L.L.C.


January 08, 2016


Washington State 2016 Legislative Session Begins on Monday January 11th

Washington State 2016 Legislative Session Begins on Monday January 11th.  We will be monitoring the 2 month short cycle and bringing you updates as we have them.

Please remember this is an election year and the loudest thing you can do is Vote! Are you registered?

April 15, 2015





Hello Vape Fam,

Today’s “Get To”, if you so choose to be a standup guy or gal, fill out this quick questionnaire. This survey will help us:

1. Collect and share your experiences with your legislators.
2. Create a data base from which you can access and retrieve your personal vape information.
3. Target groups of brigadiers in specific districts that are hotspots.
4. Alert you to PLB vapemeets and PLB sponsored vapemeets.
5. Alert you to CALLS TO ACTION.

If you are not a Washington State resident but would like to take part in the survey, we welcome your participation.

March 31, 2015


Dr. Siegel in Support of Washington Vapers.

Dr. Siegel, one of the nations largest and most well regarded vape advocates, has been following Washington's struggle against political greed and fear mongering. Check out his blog on Governor Inslee's attempt to kill vaping as we know it.

The Following Article is From Dr. Siegel's Blog. Feel Free to read and comment below. 

Link Here