About Us

What is Pink Lung Brigade you ask?

Pink Lung Brigade, is a non-profit organization committed to bettering lives’ of the Washington State community through promoting safer alternatives to combustible tobacco.  It is the mission of this organization to strengthen regulation regarding under-age usage of any product containing nicotine, ensure proper packaging of e-liquid to include child-resistant caps, tamper-evident seals, warning labels, and ingredient listings. PLB’s members are leaders in recognizing and responding to the growth of the Vapor Industry and have been preemptive in initiating these changes prior to legislative mandates.  Due to the harm reduction and overall success that users of vaporized nicotine are reporting, the PLB believes that it is imperative to ensure thoughtful regulations and retain tax rates to reflect standard retail sales tax. PLB strives to protect the advancements being made in the vaping industry while also working to educate the public and legislators to a burgeoning industry.

PLB board members have actively sought new laws to prohibit sales of vape supplies to minors. In 2011, an appeal to the Washington State healthcare committee requesting the product be made available to adult smokers but kept out of the hands of children is a matter of public record.  That same year, PLB board members also helped to rally vapers to voice their opposition to restrictive banning regulations.  With the help of establishing relationships with legislators and health board members, the law to ban indoor vaping in Pierce County was squashed.  In 2014, Washington State turned to the vape industry to, once again, impose unthoughtful regulations and unfair taxation.  PLB board members were there helping to lead the charge.  The consequential bill proposals were also squashed.

Most recently, the PLB board members spoke to the Governor’s health panel on the importance of child-resistant caps and proper labeling, as well as, the Senate Ways and Means Committee regarding burdensome and undeserved taxation and regulation to the Washington vaping industry.  Currently, active PLB members and business owners have been self-regulating prior to any proposed legislation.