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 The Office of the Secretary of State has a powerful online tool called My Vote that helps you register, manage, and update your voting information. Click the link to open a new tab and get started today. 

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Do you know your Legislative District number? Once you've registered to vote, click this link provided by the Washington Legislature to view all the districts. This app also allows you to enter your address to find your own. Toggle the District Type between Legislative and Congressional for you local and federal voting districts.


Help us gather the information we need to advocate on your behalf. Share your store and fill out the

Official Pink Lung Brigade Survey


CASAA has been a pillar in the advocacy community and has the most to date information on nation vape advocacy efforts. Educate yourself with their tools and help spread their message.


The Pink Lung Brigade continues to work with community leaders and local government representative to on reasonable vape regulation and advocacy. Become a member and get active. 

The mission of the Association of Washington Business is to advance an economic climate that enables our members, employees and all citizens to prosper. If you are a Washington business then membership is highly recommended.



What is the Pink Lung Brigade? 
The Pink Lung Brigade is a Washington State, 501c(6) non-profit, vape industry business association. 

Who can be a member? 
PLB represents vape industry shop owners, manufacturers, and distributors within the State of Washington.  The members of a tax-exempt business league are persons having a common business interest.

What is the difference between being a member versus a supporter? 
Supporters come in many forms: volunteers, fundraisers, participants in Calls To Action, sharers of social media outreach, financial donors, and raffle participants to name a few.  

Is it really that important that I am a member if I am already a supporter?
Yes, it really is.  Many business owners are both supporters and members.  Membership dues definitely help to pay for lobbying fees but equally as important they show our size as a voting base; one voice multitudes of votes. 

Where does the money go?
Currently, all funds are allocated to legal fees, lobbying efforts, bipartisan campaign donations and minor operating costs such as website, accounting, and paypal fees.  Pink Lung Brigade does not currently pay administrative fees or reimburse travel expenses. 

What are the current goals of the association?  

What are the future goals of the association?  
PLB would like to expand the influence of the vape industry at the Capitol by starting a PAC (Political Action Committee) that would serve to support campaigns and legislators that have a thoughtful perspective on small business and the vape community.