PLB Donations

Pink Lung Brigade

Want to join the fight? By donating to the Pink Lung Brigade you are giving directly to your Washington State vape community and your interests in its continued survival and growth. This non-profit organization has a two-pronged attack to battle over-taxation and help create considerate regulations.

One prong was created to invigorate an uprising that Washington State legislators will not be able to ignore. To do this we will be holding large Vape Rallies sponsored by Washington State Vape Shops and Manufacturers. These rallies will be comprised of guest speakers, updates on local vaping politics, outreach to local news and media sources, as well as being a venue to play vape games, win raffle prizes, and get to know the local vendors.

The second prong is the political outreach that PLB provides on Capitol Hill through its continued efforts to establish positive relationships with legislatures and nationwide advocacy groups.

The PLB does not have paid administrators and only uses your contribution to further this grassroots campaign to save vape in Washington State. We appreciate your support!.

If you'd like to make a one-time donation, visit here

If you represent a business who would like to join the PLB, visit here.